WOPR 21-

WOPR entered its second decade in 2013.

Ross Collard became the Organizer Emeritus.

Mais Tawfik Ashtar is the project manager. She is supported by Paul Holland, Dan Downing, Eric Proegler, John Meza, and Andy Hohenner.

Paul Holland continues to serve as the facilitator and constant for WOPR. Eric Proegler is the primary FU (Facilitator Understudy). Eric facilitated WOPR23, with Raymond Rivest as the FU.

In the future, we will hold a WOPR in North America once per year, in the (Northern Hemisphere’s) Fall. We may add a WOPR in the spring, depending on demand, content ownership, and hosting availability.

WOPR NumberThemeContent OwnerDatesLocation Host
WOPR21Technical Debt and its Impact on Performance and Reliability TestingMais Tawfik AshkarOctober 17-19, 2013San Francisco
WOPR22Early Performance TestingEric ProeglerMay 21-23, 2014Malmö
WOPR23Performance EscalationMark TomlinsonOctober 16-18, 2014Boston
WOPR24Production: Where Performance Really MattersAndreas GrabnerOctober 22-24, 2015Mountain ViewBlazeMeterLogo

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